As we embark on a new chapter in Burlesque Moulin's history, we decided that we needed a visual overhaul of our brand. From the beloved character in our logo - you can call her Coquette, we do - to our photographic style and website, we wanted to push what it meant to be "Burlesque Moulin" in a more elegant direction while maintaining a teensy bit of cheekiness.

This doesn't happen overnight, and can't happen without the right talent. The latter we found in Aurélie Martin, an up-and-coming illustrator based in Paris. Aurélie knew what we were looking for immediately, and in a matter of days had breathed new life into Coquette and, by extension, all of Burlesque Moulin.

Below is the journey we went on to create our new Coquette and logo. We are so pleased with where we ended up! Hats off to Aurélie for her amazing work!

Evolution Coquette.jpg