Photo Shoot Behind-the-Scenes

Last Sunday, we had the huge pleasure and honor of having a most fabulous photo shoot with the amazingly talented photographer, Stacy Reeves. There were plumes and rhinestones and glitter galore! The photo shoot featured our lovely team of Burlesque Moulin ladies, as well as the choreographer of our brand new troupe, Les Teasettes, and some of our favorite (we have lots of favorites!) Atelier a Tease students. The photos will be featured on our site shortly, but until then, here's a little sneak peek behind the scenes. Enjoy!

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We had a fabulous February and ushered in March with a 2-day intensive introduction to the world of burlesque in our Burlesque Bootcamp.  We had so much fun, we'll likely do another one in the next few months- so if you missed out, don't worry!

March is a busy month for us, with classes, performances, and lots of rehearsing for our official Spring Spectacle Showcase, coming April 11!  Check out the flyers below for details, and, as always, email us and check out facebook for more info. 


~FEBRUARY EVENTS~ (+ Bootcamp Intensif!)

Ah, February... a nice short month, filled with love and the promise of springtime and warmer weather!  Despite its short length, we've got lots of fun activities for you, including a social trip to see an exhibit on art of the Geishas, our weekly dance classes, and an exciting new weekend intensive Burlesque Bootcamp!

Details are all below, but as always, don't hesitate to email us with any questions!

Top 15 Satirical Movies of All Time!

Here at Burlesque Moulin, we love satire, parody, subversive art, and anything that challenges the way we see the world. In a salute to all those whose creations poke fun at societal norms, we've decided to compile a list of our favorite satirical films! Of course, it's difficult to say exactly what it is that makes a film "satirical," and we could debate whether or not perhaps all comedy is satirical in nature. But these 15 movies, to a greater or lesser extent, all make us think about the world and society around us... in addition to making us laugh.

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Happy 2015! ~January Events~

Happy New Year, ladies and gents!  We hope you have said your sweet goodbyes to 2014 and are looking forward to all the greatness that 2015 has to offer!

As promised, we're starting the year off with a reprise of our dance classes as well as some community performance events. Check out facebook, meetup, and our website for more details, and don't hesitate to email with any questions.... we'll see you soon!!

Strutting, Posing, and Peeling with Mimi Le Meaux!

The spirit of the holidays has been in full swing all month here at Burlesque Moulin, and our biggest gift came early this year in the form of lessons from a sassy blonde- the incomparable Mimi Le Meaux, star of Cabaret New Burlesque!

Mimi was passing through during what might be her last time in Paris for quite a while, and she was kind enough to join us for a 3-hour session of our Classes & Cocktails series.  Last Monday, we braved the rain and gathered in Montmarte, eager to learn the secrets of an alluring stage presence from such an alluring teacher.

And Mimi did not disappoint! With a soundtrack of "Back in Black" and other great classics, we practiced our hip twists, slow walks, fast walks, walk-and-poses, glove peels, musicality, and STAREDOWNS.  Yep, that's right, because it's all about eye contact and power... and THAT is sexy.

The evening was wrapped up with champagne and snacks and lively conversation all around. Once again, we want to give a big thank you to Mimi and to all the ladies who joined us for the event!  If you missed this one, don't worry- this surely won't be the last of our popular Classes & Cocktails.  Keep an eye out here and on our facebook page!

Be Burlesque Meets Burlesque Moulin

In case you missed the announcement, Burlesque Moulin is thrilled to have its newest partner in Be Burlesque, THE premiere burlesque blog of Paris! Be sure to keep up with them on their blog and on facebook- plus, Be Burlesque's spectacular book will be up for sale at all of Burlesque Moulin's classes and events. The book is chock full of beautiful photos and inspiration- check out this trailer to see what you've been missing!

Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
— Casablanca

Great Big Burlesque Felicitations!

Burlesque Moulin is so proud of the achievements of the members of our community both in Paris and San Francisco, and this month our family had great news on several fronts:

The fantastic Emma Scherer, one of Burlesque Moulin Paris's frequent guest dance teachers, is currently working as dance captain and ensemble member for Le Magicien d'Oz at the Palais des Congrès this December- be sure to check her out if you have the chance!

Not only that, but one of our former students, Maria d'Arcy, was asked to be a speaker at a women's congress this winter!

A huge congratulations to Emma and Maria from the whole Burlesque Moulin family!

Bon dimanche tout le monde!

The Making of a Burlesque Superstar: Hair & Makeup

As any true diva can tell you, stage beauty doesn't happen overnight! There's hair, makeup, the perfect clothes and accessories, not to mention walking (and dancing) in sky-high heels. They all take time and practice and a neverending search for the just-right products and methods... nobody ever said being fabulous was easy!

Here at Burlesque Moulin, November has been all about cultivating that fabulousness. Last week, our students spent their Saturday learning the secrets of classic pin-up stage makeup and hair from two extremely talented teachers: hairstylist Christine Laurent & makeup artist Sabine Phan.

I don't think we could have fit any more hair products on that table!

After exploring the basis of pinup style and having hands-on tutorials of makeup and hair styles, most students went for a classic retro style with a modern twist. In the end, there were victory rolls, Marilyn-style curls, finger waves, and betty bangs, matched with smoky eyes, dramatic liner, and rosy cheeks.

It all starts with the curls- put curlers all over your head and, once the curls are set, you've got a great base to create just about any style you want!

The Saturday primping school ended with a photo shoot to commemorate the students' hard work- of course, boas and other accessories were added to the mix to really bring the burlesque style!

Don't forget, Burlesque Moulin's fall semester wraps up this Saturday, November 22nd with another burlesque beauty workshop. This time, we'll be focusing on developing, creating, and adapting costumes and pasties! We've still got space available, but classes are capped at 10 students for maximum interaction, so claim your spot now. You won't want to miss it!  

To sign up, simply email us at

À la prochaine fois! Bisous!

Lux Strikes Again...and this time with a chair!

We invited the fabulous Lux LaCroix back for another round of classes during her latest stay in summery Paree. This time she brought with her best in Burlesque Fitness and her take-no-prisoners Cabaret Chair Dance. And what a workout those were! She had us moving and sweating while radiating our burlesque glamour. (Trust me, you can still be glamorous and sweat. The sign of a true diva!) We laughed, we cried and we even bled, but lawd, was it fun. I'll never look at a chair the same way! Here I come Thanksgiving Day dinner! ;-)

I was too busy trying to stay on the chair to take photos, but I did manage to snap a few photos in the process.

Burlesque Fitness - fun with feathers. 

Burlesque Fitness - fun with feathers. 

Burlesque Fitness. Sweating to the sexies. No sacrificing of chickens involved.

Burlesque Fitness post class

Burlesque Fitness post class

After the first part of the day with Lux and her Burlesque Fitness class. A bit blurry but still feather fabulous. 

Cabaret Chair Dance - the survivors

Cabaret Chair Dance - the survivors

Here is the gang after the second half of the day. Smiling through the pain or just to sore to move their cheeks.

Crazy chair

Crazy chair

And here's what they really looked...once the cameras were off. 

All and all it absolutely rocked! Can't wait to bust out my new moves on the living room chair...once the pain wears off, that is :)